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Why choose us? quality, reputability and reliability!


Our success in Italy and on a global scale is underlined by our constantly growing business and our decades of experience in the field.


Top-quality hides and skins are carefully selected from leading Italian tanneries, while other materials are sourced from top-notch producers.


Thanks to our cutting-edge machinery, we can cater to even the most sophisticated needs.

Type of Welt

Materials of the highest quality for the production of OUR welt.

Characteristics of our welts

The Goodyear welt is made to measure for the customer with soft and easy-to-handle leather that can be: smooth, flat, or L-shaped.

For flat welts, we carefully select the leather to prevent “wrinkles” on the finished product. We also choose other raw materials such as leatherboard and rubber with care to maintain maximum quality of finishing.

Wheeling welts provide a decorative effect for the footwear and can include different types of studding at the customer’s request: it has hot-stamped decorations that can be larger for sports shoes or finer for more elegant footwear.

For stitched welts, we use threads of excellent quality and a wide range of colours for the various materials: leather, rubber, leatherboard.

Cordonato – water resistant:
Water resistant welts were originally created to protect the shoe from the rain. With their “L” shape, they have also become an aesthetic element, whether flat or with several seams.

Tirolese – water resistant:
Like cordonato welts, were created to close the shoe and prevent water from entering it. Over time, they have also become a decorative element, with a more elegant look than the cordonato.

Leather wrapped:
Leather wrapped welts are produced by covering a core with leather that can also be supplied by the customer.
The structure and the shape of these welts can be modified on request.
Welts can be wrapped with glitter, rubber and various fabrics.

Strings of rhinestones or beads are applied to this type of welt. The welts can be made of leather, leather board or rubber.

This type of welt is produced using various types of rubber including thunit, micro-porous rubber, etc.

Studs, chains or zippers: 
Stud, chain or zipper welts can be made of leather, leather board or rubber.

In this welt, we pair materials of various types such as leather board, rubber, leather, hide or rope.

The special welt has special applications and different materials such as studs of various kinds, rhinestones, beads, chains, glitter, zippers, etc.


Guardolificio Due Rocche has been producing welting for footwear since the 1980s, becoming a leader on the international market.

The company’s growing success is due to its many years of experience during which it has learned about and resolved production-related issues, so that it can now satisfy even the most sophisticated requests.
This makes Guardolificio Due Rocche a preferred supplier as a qualified consultant for any company in the sector.

The company has long been present in vast areas of the Italian market. It is backed by continuous and constant penetration in international business, confirming and rewarding both product quality and the company’s seriousness and reliability.

Top-quality hides and skins are carefully selected from leading Italian tanneries, while other materials are sourced from top-notch producers.
Then, Guardolificio Due Rocche’s highly specialised personnel check and select additional raw materials.

Products are not worked only using the latest avant-garde machines. Instead, much of the work is done by hand, especially for the finest products.
In this way, the company provides its customers with a wide variety of welts that are made entirely in Italy.

More and more major brands are choosing Guardolificio Due Rocche because it has always worked hard to understand its customers’ needs by analysing the fashion footwear sector in depth, providing excellent quality for the money.

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Due Rocche produces a wide range of excellent welt for every kind of shoes and price.

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